Callis_pallidus.JPG (30957 bytes)Callistemon pallidus, the Lemon Bottlebrush, is a tall shrub with upright growth habit. Flower colour varies from cream to bright yellow and put in an appearance in late spring and summer. Those forms with bright yellow flowers are beautiful shrubs. We are fortunate in having the yellow-flowered form native to granite areas on the Northern Tablelands not far from Yallaroo. During the flowering period the Lemon Bottlebrush lights up the bush. At Yallaroo we have a number of specimens growing on an island in our big dam. These plants bloom bounteously in late spring. Pruning is necessary to maintain dense growth and maximum flowering. Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Queensland are home to the species. Propagate from seed or cutting. We would suggest if you have the bright yellow form, cuttings may be the way to go to ensure flower colour is maintained.