Correa-Torrington.JPG (15016 bytes)Correa reflexa: It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that there are as many forms of Correa reflexa as there are days in the year. Correas are in a taxonomic mess and this is amply illustrated by Correa reflexa. We have given up on Correa identification in general but are interested in the local forms of Correa reflexa. The form illustrated comes from Torrington north of Glen Innes in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Torrington is a botanical and horticultural wonderland and we will be writing in future about this area.
Growing side by side with the illustrated form are plants with green flowers. Both red and green forms are small to medium upright shrubs with long narrow tubular flowers. Recently we came across another population of red and green flowering Correa reflexa near Guyra. The flowers are slightly wider than the Torrington Correas. In the Guyra population red flowering plants outnumber those with green flowers. At Torrington reds and greens are about 50/50.
Correa reflexa grows naturally at Yallaroo. There was some rejoicing when we first found these plants. They have green flowers, oval leaves and develop into medium shrubs. We came across another, almost local form recently. This form occurs near Gloucester on the road to the coast. It grows in company with Grevillea guthrieana a rare plant recently introduced into the gardens at Yallaroo. The Gloucester form of Correa reflexa has typical foliage and green tubular flowers that are broader and longer than other local forms. No doubt there are more forms lurking in the undergrowth through the Northern Tablelands. Correa reflexa has proved to be a hardy, free flowering species that propagates readily from cuttings.
Correa reflexa, in its various forms, is one of the parents of many hybrid Correas.