C.Matthew_Flinders.JPG (49240 bytes)Callistemon Matthew Flinders: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a hybrid whose parents are Callistemon Captain Cook and Callistemon Little John.
“Matthew Flinders” is a fairly recent addition to the nursery scene (as at summer 2005) and was bred by Terry Keogh of Southern Queensland .
“Matthew Flinders” has the foliage of Callistemon Captain Cook and the growth habit of Callistemon Little John. All three are cultivars or hybrids of Callistemon viminalis.
“Matthew Flinders” is a small shrub growing to a height of 75 centimetres with a width of 50 centimetres.
Its brushes are dark red and attract honeyeaters. “Matthew Flinders” is said to reach its flowering peak in late winter and spring. Sporadic flowering is said to occur at other times.
Our specimen (see image) began flowering in early summer and at this time the plant was carrying many buds. We know of another “Matthew Flinders”, in a nearby garden, that is following the same flowering pattern.
Cut off the spent flower spikes. This will ensure plenty of new growth and more flowers during the next flowering period.
Callistemon Matthew Flinders could be grown as a foreground plant in a native garden bed, in rockeries and native cottage gardens.
Propagation must be from cuttings to preserve this hybrid’s desirable characteristics.