C.Candy-Pink.JPG (22572 bytes)Callistemon Candy Pink: Is a medium shrub, which may reach a height of five metres by three metres across. We have seen specimens, grown as street trees that have attained this size. These large plants are rather straggly with few flowers and could do with some drastic pruning. Our plants are pruned regularly, are a compact two metres high, have dense foliage and flower profusely.
“Candy Pink” has lance shaped leaves and long, narrow flower spikes. They are pinkish-red fading to pink. There are usually several flowering flushes each year.
Callistemon Candy Pink is said to be a form of Callistemon pungens, a species from the Northern Tablelands of NSW. We know of a number of forms of Callistemon pungens but none remotely resemble “Candy Pink”.
As with all Callistemons, grow in full sun or minimum shade for maximum flowering.
“Candy Pink” propagates readily from cuttings. Plants should always be propagated from cuttings to preserve the characteristics of this handsome cultivar.