Bush_ochre.jpg (22163 bytes)Anigozanthos Bush Ochre: is one of a large number of hybrid Kangaroo Paws. Over recent years a great deal of hybridizing has been undertaken using tissue culture techniques to build up numbers. Kangaroo Paws are susceptible to Ink Disease, which causes unsightly black spots to develop on the strap-like leaves. Hybrid Kangaroo Paws appear to be immune to Ink Disease. There is now a bewildering range of flower colours produced by hybrids. They also come in a range of heights from plants over one metre tall to dwarf plants less than 50 centimetres high. Bush Ochre is one of a range of hybrids known as Bush Gems. Our Bush Ochre is growing in a large pot because at Yallaroo we have difficulty in sustaining Kangaroo Paws in our gardens. At the time of writing (June 2001) our plant has been flowering for months. The flowers have been damaged by frost but more buds are appearing. After a couple of years Kangaroo Paws develop into large clumps. These clumps may be divided. We have divided 14 new plants from one large clump. Hybrid Kangaroo Paws will not come true to seed.