Burtons.JPG (33877 bytes)Burtonís Legless Lizard: is also known as Burtonís Snake Lizard (Lialis burtonis). This unusual reptile is found throughout mainland Australia as well as the Torres Strait Islands to the north. This is a true legless lizard with what appears to be a snakeís body terminating in a lizardís head. Burtonís Legless Lizard reaches a length of about 30 centimetres. Two small triangular flaps, on each side of the body, are the vestiges of the hind limbs. The lizard illustrated appeared on our back patio one afternoon in January 2004. As you can see, this specimen is a uniform grey colour without any pattern. The species is highly variable both in body colour and skin pattern.
We have observed Burtonís Legless Lizard in the Warrumbungle National Park, central west New South Wales. One was sighted crossing a walking track, at night, with a smaller lizard firmly clasped in its jaws. Apparently Burtonís Legless Lizard dines mainly on other lizards and is active both by day and night.
In nine years this is the only the second sighting of Burtonís Legless Lizard at Yallaroo. Another legless lizard, Delma tincta, is more common.
Some of this information was gleaned from an excellent book: 
Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia
by Harold G. Cogger. Published by Reed Books.