Burrowing-frog.JPG (26417 bytes)Burrowing Frog: We think that this frog is Limnodynastes dumerilii also known as the Banjo Frog or Pobblebonk. The latter name comes from the call made by males when partly submerged. Please let us know if this identification is incorrect.
The Burrowing Frog (regardless of its scientific name) is encountered frequently at Yallaroo. This large frog (about 7 cm long) is often exposed when we are moving mulch or sand. When conditions become dry the Burrowing Frog takes a large quantity of water aboard and burrows into soft soil (or in our case sand or sawdust). When the rains return the frogs reappear, find the nearest water and begin the breeding cycle. The photographed specimen was found in sawdust in June 2003. This was a couple of weeks after drought breaking rain. Either this frog didnít respond to the rain or thinks that another drought is on the way. We hope that this amphibianís forecasting abilities are not accurate.
When we uncover Burrowing Frogs they are relocated into one of our ponds.
At the moment one of our ponds is home to a number of large tadpoles. These may be juvenile Pobblebonks.