B.vagans.jpg (30587 bytes)Bulbine vagans: is a member of the Asphodelaceae family. The plants included in this family used to be encompassed by the Liliaceae family.
Bulbine vagans is a perennial herb reaching a height between 20 to 60 centimetres. The roots are thick and the long, shiny leaves have a channel down the middle.
Plants produce many flowering stalks (or scapes). Each scape holds up to 45 bright yellow flowers. Flowers appear from October to January. A few blooms are often carried after January. Capsules follow the flowers and these contain a number of small, black seeds.
Bulbine vagans is a native of New South Wales and Queensland. In New South Wales the species is found, growing in crevices, in the gorge country, east of Armidale.
Bulbine vagans is not as well known as its close relative Bulbine bulbosa. In spring Yallaroo is home to hundreds of the latter species, growing in our grasslands. At present we have only one Bulbine vagans in cultivation. We have harvested seed and hope to have many more of this colourful plant in our gardens.
Flowering specimens, of Bulbine vagans, light up the garden. Rockeries and native cottage gardens would benefit from the addition of this colourful plant.
Propagate from seed.