Bulbine bulbosa is also known as the Bulbine Lily. It is an herbaceous native (a plant without woody stem) and grows in native grassland and eucalypt woodland in many parts of Australia. The Bulbine Lily flowers in spring and produces a spike that carries up to a dozen bright yellow flowers. The spikes are usually 30 cm (12 inches) tall. Bulbine Lilies are dependant on the weather. Reasonable rain in autumn and winter triggers a floral extravaganza in spring. Last year we had literally thousands of Bulbine Lilies flowering at Yallaroo. The flowers formed carpets of gold throughout our grassland and woodland. This year flowers are few and far between because of low rainfall in the cooler months. Propagation is easy from seed. Mass plantings of Bulbine bulbosa would make a stunning addition to rockeries and native cottage gardens. We have found that cultivated plants have a much longer flowering period than plants in the wild. They could be cultivated as a native substitute for exotic daffodils.