B.stuartii.JPG (65737 bytes)Brachyscome stuartii: is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and is an erect, tufted perennial that may reach a height of 25 centimetres.

The leaves are in a basal rosette, 9.5 centimetres long, deeply lobed and deep green. Flower heads may be white, mauve or pink. They are 2-3 centimetres across and carried on the ends of 15-25 centimetre long stalks. Flowering occurs from spring to early autumn.

Brachyscome stuartii occurs in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. The species grows on swampy ground or in patches of moss amongst granite rocks. We have observed Brachyscome stuartii in a number of locations and in every case the species is growing in moist areas usually in moss.    

Brachyscome stuartii could be cultivated in rockeries and native cottage gardens but will develop best in a bog gardens. For maximum effect grow this attractive daisy in clumps.

Propagate from seed or plant division.