B.angustifolia.JPG (51711 bytes)Brachyscome angustifolia: is a member of the Asteraceae family. The species has two common names: Grassland Daisy and Stiff Daisy.

The Grassland Daisy is a small, much branched, suckering perennial. The leaves are 3-5 centimetres long, linear, entire or lobed.

Flower heads are about 2 centimetres across, blue, mauve or pink with yellow centres. Plants usually carry many flowers throughout the year.

Brachyscome angustifolia occurs in New South Wales and Victoria. There are two varieties. One has entire leaves whilst the other has lobed leaves. The specimen illustrated that is growing at Yallaroo has lobed leaves.

The Grassland Daisy could be grown as a foreground plant in native garden beds, in native cottage gardens and rockeries. The long flowering period and suckering growth habit are attractive features.

Propagate from cuttings or division.