Brachymulti.JPG (19990 bytes)Brachycome multifida:  Australia is the home to many colourful daisies, both annual and perennial. Brachycome multifida, the Cut-leaf Daisy, is a hardy perennial. The Cut-leaf Daisy develops into a dense, ground covering mound reaching a height of 30 centimetres (12 inches) with a diameter of one metre (three feet). In spring and summer plants are covered with mauve-pink flowers. Another less vigorous form is known as Break o Day with purple flowers. We also have a form with mauve flowers which age to white. A pure white form is found in granite country, west of Armidale. Propagation from cuttings could not be simpler. We often prepare cuttings about 15 centimetres long (6 inches) and place one with other plants when establishing new gardens. We count on about 50% of these pieces taking root. Brachycome multifida is small enough to cultivate in most gardens and will make an impact out of all proportion to its size. We are very fond of this daisy and are always on the lookout for different flower colours.