Brachy_microcarpa.JPG (29174 bytes)Brachyscome microcarpa: is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family. The species is one of a number of perennial herbs* that are native to Yallaroo and the local bushland. Brachyscome microcarpa is a dwarf, spreading perennial with irregularly lobed leaves. The flower heads are usually blue in colour, at least two centimetres in diameter and are carried on a stalk about tem centimetres long. The long flowering period extends from July to January. Brachyscome microcarpa is a cheerful plant. The large flowers light up the ground level of our regenerating bushland. The species propagates readily from cuttings and possibly from division. We are propagating this native daisy from cuttings and introducing it into our gardens. In cultivation, Brachyscome microcarpa tends to sucker and form colourful clumps. This is an ideal plant for rockeries and native cottage gardens.

*Botanically, herbs are plants with fleshy rather than woody stems