Bouddi_NP.JPG (43055 bytes)Bouddi National Park: We are fortunate, in New South Wales, that many coastal areas have been preserved in National Parks. This is in sharp contrast to other states where coastal areas have been engulfed by development with high-rise buildings constructed right to the margins of beaches.
Bouddi National Park is a magnificent coastal area 19 kilometres south-east of Gosford, on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The Park has an area of 1532 hectares (3784 acres).
Bouddi National Park preserves a series of small, idyllic beaches that shelter beneath cliffs, steep hills and dense forests.
Access is via Avoca Drive and Scenic Road. This leads to Putty Beach where car camping is permitted and there are also picnic tables and toilets.
Putty Beach is the start of the Bouddi Coastal Walk that leads to many of Bouddi’s beaches as well as lookouts and the Maitland Bay Information Centre. This is manned by volunteers during the weekend.
Part of the walk is on a raised boardwalk that protects the delicate vegetation. Interesting rock formations (see image) may be viewed on the walk. During the migration season, whales are often sighted from the Walk.
Many coastal native plants grow beside the Coastal Walk. On a visit in the winter of 2006 we observed Acacias, Acmenas, Banksias, Casuarinas, and Isopogons, Hakeas and Leptospermums to name but a few.
Bouddi National Park is well worth a visit. Well-graded tracks, interesting plants, unusual rock formations, isolated beaches and the chance to see whales are all on offer at Bouddi National Park.