B.bipinnata.JPG (52505 bytes)Boronia bipinnata: is a member of the Rutaceae family in company with the Correas, Croweas and exotic citrus.

Boronia bipinnata is an upright small shrub whose leaves are 2-3 centimetres long, bipinnate and strongly aromatic. The leaflets are linear, blunt and narrow. Flowers are six millimetres across, white to pale pink and either carried singly or 3-4 in the leaf bases or axils. Flowering occurs in spring and summer. Blooms are profuse and conspicuous.

Boronia bipinnata is found in New South Wales on the North Coast and Tablelands as well as the Slopes, Plains and southern Queensland.

The species is said to grow in rocky outcrops or on sandy soil. The photo shows a population growing in the Torrington State Conservation Area, northern New South Wales. This population was growing in sandy soil beside a water course.

Boronia bipinnata could be cultivated in rockeries or native cottage gardens. We do not have much success growing Boronias from eastern Australia. Perhaps they need more care and attention than our other native plants. Our most successful species is Boronia denticulata from Western Australia.

Propagate all Boronias from cuttings.