Boronia_Carousel.jpg (70889 bytes)Boronia Carousel: is a member of the Rutaceae family in company with the native Correas and Croweas as well as the exotic citrus.

Boronia Carousel has an obscure origin. Possibly it was originally selected from the wild in the Albany district of Western Australia. The cultivar is reputed to be a hybrid between B. molloyae and B. heterophylla. Certainly the variety has foliage and flowers similar to B. heterophylla.
Carousel is a tall shrub reaching two metres in height. The pinnate leaves are aromatic, dark green and up to 35 millimetres long.
Flowers bell shaped, 8mm long, bright pink aging to deep red and are both conspicuous and profuse. Flowering occurs from late September to November. This is a very handsome Boronia and appears to carry more flowers than its supposed parent, B. heterophylla.

The hybrid has been around for many years and was probably registered in 1987.

Propagation must be from cutting to preserves this hybridís desirable characteristics.