Booti-BootiNP.jpg (26720 bytes)Booti Booti National Park :  has an area of 1567 hectares and is situated on the North Coast of New South Wales, ten kilometres south of Forster. The Park straddles a major road, the Lakes Way . The eastern boundary, of the Park, fronts the Pacific Ocean whilst one shoreline of Wallis Lake forms the western boundary.
Booti Booti National Park protects a number of beautiful ocean beaches and also beautiful heath vegetation behind the fore dune.
Wallis Lake is a splendid body of water suitable for various aquatic activities.
Cape Hawke , in the northern part of the Park, has a lookout tower that gives visitors a 360 degree view. Cape Hawke also has a walking track and protects a significant stand of coastal rainforest.
Camping is permitted at The Ruins and picnic spots are scattered along the Lakes Way and adjacent to some of the beaches.
No wood fires are allowed anywhere in the Park or on the beaches.
The photograph was taken some years ago and shows what was thought to be a bare sand dune. On approaching, we realised that the dune was covered by Flannel Flowers. This area had been mined for mineral sands before its inclusion in Booti Booti National Park . The Flannel Flowers had germinated after the dune had been restored after mining. We returned a couple of years ago and found that the dune had become covered with a range of coastal native trees and shrubs. Very few Flannel Flowers were observed.