Booroolong_Creek.JPG (17275 bytes)Booroolong Creek:  The Northern Tablelands of NSW is home to a diverse range of National Parks. Not all areas of natural beauty and environmental importance are included in the park’s system. There are a number of reserves administered by other government instrumentalities such as Local Councils, Lands Department and State Forests. Booroolong Creek west of Armidale is part of a reserve administered by the local council. Booroolong Creek is just down the road from Yallaroo and we often visit this tranquil area. The photograph is a view looking upstream. The creek is bordered by River Oaks (Casuarina cunninghamiana). These tall trees sing when the wind blows through the branches. They are home to a wide range of native birds. The creek itself is home to a number of platypus families. Late in the afternoon it is possible to see these unique Australians cavorting in the water. Platypus are fairly common in many of the local streams. Rainbow Trout also inhabit Booroolong Creek. The creek bed is full of large granite boulders. After heavy rain we are able to hear the water roaring over these boulders as it makes its way down the creek to the Gwydir River and eventually to Copeton Dam.