Bon-Petit.JPG (18620 bytes)Pimelea ferruginea Bon Petite: Is a member of the Thymelaeaceae family. There are about 110 Pimelea species. Of these 90 are endemic with the remainder occurring in New Zealand. The endemic species occur in all states.
Pimeleas are not widely cultivated but many species, particularly those from Western Australia, have great horticultural potential. Pimelea ferruginea and its cultivars is probably the most widely cultivated species. It was introduced into England in 1824.
Pimelea ferruginea is a native of Western Australia. The “Bon Petite” cultivar grows into a dwarf, upright shrub with tightly clustered, dark green leaves. In spring and summer each upright stem is crowned by deep pink flower heads. The flowers are very conspicuous. Remove the spent flower heads to keep the plant low, bushy and blooming bounteously. Our plants have proved to be hardy, free flowering, frost resistant and drought tolerant. They are growing in a sunny well-drained situation. “Bon Petite” is an ideal plant for rockeries and native cottage gardens.
This cultivar propagates readily from cuttings.