Blue_Lake.JPG (41899 bytes) Blue Lake Track: is in Kosciuszko National Park and is part of the Main Range Track that starts at Charlotte s Pass. The Blue Lake Track is five kilometres one-way and is classified as a difficult walk.
From Charlotte s Pass the Track crosses the Snowy River . After this you begin a steep climb to the Blue Lake Lookout and pass through herb fields that are home to many interesting native plants. Grevillea australis and Prostanthera cuneata are two small, mounded shrubs that are common along the track. In some places these plants have grown against rocky outcrops and partially cover them. These rocky outcrops plus mountain views are features of this Track.
On the way you will pass the Hedley Tarn Lookout. A tarn is a shallow lake formed behind moraines. These are piles of rocks carried and later dropped by glaciers.
At the top of a steep climb Blue Lake may be viewed from a Lookout. A closer view may be obtained by following a short, rough track that leads to a small viewing platform.
Blue Lake (see image) formed when glaciers carved out a basin in the rock. The Lake is 28 metres deep and 16 hectares in area. Blue Lake is one of the Parks five scenic, glacial lakes. Blue Lake is the largest and best example of a cirque or ice-quarried basin on mainland Australia . The five glacial lakes are the only bodies of water, of this type, on mainland Australia .
Blue Lake is, and always will be, the show spot of the Snowys.  This is a quote by Charles Kerry photographer in 1897.
Although a rather difficult walk the Blue Lake Track is worth trying if you have the time and energy.
Be aware that weather conditions may change rapidly. Always carry the appropriate clothing. You should also carry adequate water.