Billardiera.JPG (34435 bytes)Billardiera scandens: is known as the Apple Dumpling or Apple Berry . These names refer to the stewed apple taste of the ripe fruit.
Billardiera scandens is a member of the Pittosporaceae family. The Apple Dumpling is a twiner when shrubs or trees are present to support its climbing habit. Without support the species becomes a ground cover. Plants bear cream, tubular flowers for most of the year. The flowers are followed by fleshy, edible green fruits. The fruits are soft to the touch when ripe. Apple Dumpling has potential as a bush tucker plant.
Billardiera scandens has a wide distribution and is found in all eastern states, including Tasmania as well as South Australia .
Apple Dumpling could be cultivated as a climber supported by patio or verandah roof supports. We grow the species in shrubberies where it scrambles amongst other plants.
Propagate from seed, which may take up to ten weeks to germinate. Cutting propagation is a better proposition. Cutting grown plants have more compact growth than seed grown specimens.