Banksia_spinulosa.jpg (65686 bytes)Banksia spinulosa: is commonly known as the Hairpin Banksia because of the flowers hooked styles. It is a widespread species and occurs in Victoria and Queensland as well as the coast and tablelands of NSW. Banksia spinulosa is a multi-stemmed shrub, which may reach a height of three metres although in nature plants seldom exceed two metres in height.
Flower heads may be up to 15 centimetres in length and are either yellow or golden. The hooked styles may be yellow or dark red. Flowering occurs in autumn and winter. Each flower head contains hundreds of individual flowers. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters and small possums.
A Hairpin Banksia, in full flower rivals many of the better-known Western Australian Banksias.   Banksia spinulosa requires frequent watering for the first two years after planting. We mulch our plants with rocks and organic material. We leave a deep depression around each plant and fill with water once a week or so. The photograph shows a cultivated specimen growing in a nursery on the Southern Highlands of NSW. The owners did not know the origin of this beautiful plant.
Taxonomically there is some confusion regarding Banksia spinulosa. Some botanists regard the species as having four varieties whilst others have created a new species known as Banksia cunninghamiana. Both species have two varieties. We are not entering into this botanical controversy but are keen on growing as many specimens from as many locations as possible.