Ballerina.JPG (30067 bytes)Prostanthera Ballerina is a hybrid Mint bush. One parent is thought to be P. lasianthos the Victorian Christmas Bush. “Ballerina” is reputed to reach a height of two metres. At Yallaroo we restrict the height, of our “Ballerinas”, to about one metre by pruning after flowering. “Ballerina” has two attractive features. The foliage is pleasantly perfumed and masses of white flowers appear in late spring and summer. Flowering is so prolific that the foliage disappears beneath the mass of blooms. “Ballerina” has proved to be frost hardy. They appreciate a drink during very dry periods. This hybrid propagates readily from cuttings. If you are seeking a plant that will light up the garden in the warmer months then Prostanthera Ballerina is for you.