Backyard Eucalypts.

These are some Eucalypts that are small enough to be accommodated in the average suburban garden. We thank Tony Croft who supplied a list of Backyard Eucalypts growing in his Tamworth garden.
*Angophora hispida:  Dwarf apple. NSW. Large cream-white flowers from Nov to Feb.
Eucalyptus apiculata:  Narrow-leaved mallee ash. NSW. White flowers- Dec to Jan.
E. approximans:  Barren Mountain mallee. Rare. White flowers- Sept to Oct.
E. codonocarpa: Very similar to E. approximans.
*E. boliviana: Bolivia Hill Stringybark. Rare. NSW. Yellow flowers-spring.
*E. caesia:  Silver Princess. WA. Rare. Pendulous branches. Large red-pink flowers- June to Nov.
E. cneorifolia: Kangaroo Island mallee. SA. Rare. Profuse cream flowers-sporadic.
E. crucis: WA. Attractive trunk and foliage. Large creamy-white flowers- Nov to Feb.
*E. eremophila:  Sand mallee. WA. Profuse, large creamy-white or pink to crimson flowers-sporadic.
*E. erythrocorys:  Illyarrie. WA. Large red buds and bright yellow flowers-sporadic.
E. eximia nana: Dwarf Bloodwood. NSW. Large white flowers- spring.
*E. gillii: Silver mallee. NSW & SA. Rare. Profuse pale yellow flowers- June to Dec.
E. cladocalyx nana: Dwarf sugar gum. SA. Profuse white to cream flowers-Jan to March.
E. gregsoniana: Wolgan snow gum. NSW. Large white flowers Nov to Dec.
*E. landsdowneana: Red-flowered mallee box. SA. Deep crimson or purple flowers-Aug to Jan.
E. ligustrina:  Privet-leaved Stringybark. NSW. Profuse white to cream flowers- May to June.
*E. macrandra: Long-flowered Marlock. WA. Large clusters of  yellow or yellow-green flowers-Dec to March.
E. magnificata:
Blue box. NSW. Attractive new growth. White or lemon-yellow flowers in late spring.
E. moorei: Narrow-leaved sally. NSW. White flowers-spring.
E. multicaulis:
Whipstick mallee ash. NSW. Profuse white to cream flowers-June to July.
*E. pumila:
Pokolkin mallee. NSW. Rare. White flowers-April to May.
E. stricta: Blue Mountains mallee ash. NSW & Vic. Profuse white flowers-Dec to April.
*E. uncinata:
Hooked-leaved mallee. WA. Profuse cream flowers-Feb to April.
*E. youngiana:
Large-fruited mallee. WA. Large cream, yellow or red flowers- sporadic.
* Species successfully cultivated in Tamworth NSW.
Eucalypts from Western Australia may be difficult to establish in Northern Tablelandís gardens.
Plant tube stock for best results. 
Please Note: There are many Eucalypts that develop into large trees and are not suitable for suburban gardens. These large trees will clog gutters with leaves, drop branches and may damage foundations.
These species should be avoided in suburban gardens: E. globulus, Tasmanian Blue Gum; E. melliodora, Yellow Box; E. albens, White Box; E. viminalis, Manna Gum; E. sideroxylon, Mugga Ironbark.