B.bidwillii.JPG (78324 bytes)Babingtonia bidwillii: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. This species was formerly included in the Baeckea virgata complex. This species is now confined to New Caledoinia.
Babingtonia bidwillii is a small to medium shrub. The leaves are small, bright green and aromatic. Late spring to early summer is the flowering period. At this time plants become covered with small, white flowers similar in appearance to small tea tree blooms.
Babingtonia bidwillii is found in south east Queensland .
This attractive shrub is sometimes known as “Howie’s Feathertips”. The species is often used in formal gardens because it lends itself to shaping with thoughtful pruning. The specimen illustrated is growing in the Japanese Gardens at Gosford, north of Sydney .
Foliage and flowers are attractive features. Babingtonia bidwillii could be cultivated in formal gardens as well as rockeries and native cottage gardens.
Propagate from cuttings.