Banksia-robur.JPG (21389 bytes)Banksia robur: Is another splendid eastern Banksia.  It comes from the Central and North Coasts of NSW and Southern Queensland. Banksia robur is an unusual species because it is usually found in permanently damp sites. Other eastern Banksias usually prefer well-drained sites.
Banksia robur is a shrub usually from one to two metres high with several stems arising from a lignotuber (swollen root mass). The bark is smooth and the branchlets are covered with rusty, intertwined hairs. The large, attractive leaves have toothed margins, glossy green above and light green beneath. The large flower spikes carry tightly packed metallic-green flowers and appear from January to July. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features.
Banksia robur will grow in well-drained situations as long as the plants are well mulched and watered in dry periods. The species does best in moist situations. The species illustrated is growing in the North Coast Botanic Gardens at Coffs Harbour in NSW.
Propagate from seed. Banksia robur is reputed to flower 3-5 years from seed.