B.blechnifolia.JPG (25279 bytes)Banksia blechnifolia: is a native of Western Australia. It is one of a group of ground covering Banksias that are native to Western Australia. The leaves, of Banksia blechnifolia, are deeply lobed and are said to be similar to the fern genus Blechnum, hence the species name. Some of the stems may be underground and may reach a length of two metres. The flower heads are about 20 centimetres long and are dusky-red to salmon with yellow stamens. Flowering occurs in spring and summer with sporadic flowering at other times. The specimen illustrated is growing in one of our garden beds and the flower spike literally popped out of the ground. The plant was about two years old when the flower spike appeared. The flowering triggered off celebrations at Yallaroo.
Banksia repens is another prostrate species. We have a plant that is surviving and thriving, but has yet to flower.
Propagate both species from seed.