Australian Christmas Trees: In Australia we still cling to European Christmas traditions. Many Christmas cards feature holly and snow. The trees decorated for Christmas are often exotic pines.
Perhaps it is time to introduce an Australian flavour into our Christmas celebrations. We could consider using native species as Christmas trees. The rare Wollomi Pine has been suggested. This species will not be available from nurseries for at least two years.
There are many other native species suitable for this purpose. The plants could be grown in containers and brought inside during the festive season. There are many attractive plastic pots that could be used as containers for your Aussie Christmas tree.  They are much lighter than ceramic pots.
Here are some suggestions: Casuarina cunninghamiana, the River Oak; Allocasuarina littoralis, the Black She Oak; Callitris glaucophylla, the White Cypress Pine and Callitris endlicheri, the Black Cypress Pine would all be suitable. These species will live happily in containers for a number of years.
Prostanthera lasianthos is another suggestion. This species is known as the Victorian Christmas Bush because it becomes covered with white flowers in December.  Prostanthera lasianthos will reach a height of two metres, has aromatic foliage and will adapt to life in containers. A flowering Aussie Christmas tree would certainly be a break with tradition.