Erem_Aurea.JPG (20613 bytes)Eremophila maculata Aurea: We have discussed Eremophila maculata previously and mentioned the wide flower colour range of this species. Eremophila maculata “Aurea” is deserving of special mention. This variety has large golden yellow tubular flowers. Flowering is sporadic with winter the main flowering period. At this time of the year we need as much colour as possible in our high altitude New England gardens. “Aurea” provides a bonanza of blooms. The flowers are full of nectar and are visited frequently by honeyeaters.
The “normal” Eremophila maculata develops into a medium upright shrub. “Aurea” has a small to medium, spreading growth habit. The leaves have a succulent feel. “S”-shaped stalks support the flowers.
This is one of our favourite native plants. Its origin is a trifle mysterious and is reputed to have first appeared in a garden. Propagates very easily from cuttings.