Angoph-leiocarpa.JPG (35683 bytes)Angophora leiocarpa: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. This species was previously considered to be a subspecies of Angophora costata.

Angophora leiocarpa is a tree that may reach a height of 25 metres. The smooth bark may be pink, grey or cream and is shed in small scales.

The leaves are opposite, lanceolate, 7-14 centimetres long and 1-2.5 centimetres wide. Buds are ovoid and white flowers appear in spring and summer.

The capsules, that follow the flowers, are egg-shaped and have a smooth surface. Seeds are shed when the capsules mature.

Angophora leiocarpa is a handsome tree with attractive bark, foliage and flowers.

The species is too large for suburban gardens but could be grown as a specimen tree in rural gardens. Angophora leiocarpa could also be included in Eucalypt groves using trees with different bark or incorporated in shelterbelts and windbreaks.

Angophora leiocarpa is widely distributed and often locally abundant. The species is found on the North Coast, North West Slopes and North West Plains of New South Wales as well as southern Queensland.

The specimen illustrated is growing in sandstone country near Warialda on the North West Slopes of New South Wales. Angophora leiocarpa is the dominant tree in this area.

Propagate from seed.