Ammobium.JPG (20586 bytes)Ammobium alatum: is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and is a perennial herb (without woody stems). The leaves are 10-20 centimetres long, blue-grey above, white below and arranged in a basal rosette. Flower heads are held on winged stems that may be over 60 centimetres tall. The flower heads are two centimetres across with bright yellow tubular flowers surrounded by white bracts. The flowering season extends from December to March. Small, yellow or white flower spiders often sit in the middle of the blooms waiting for unwary insects to visit the flowers.

Ammobium alatum occurs in New South Wales and Queensland. The species is found in grassland and open forest areas. On the Northern Tablelands, of New South Wales, the species is common along roadsides where it competes very successfully with exotic weeds.

Ammobium alatum could be cultivated in rockeries or planted en masse in large gardens. Both flowers and foliage are attractive features. The flowers are used in cut flower arrangements.

Propagate by division or from seed.