Allo_grampiana.JPG (64332 bytes)Allocasuarina grampiana: is a member of the Casuarinaceae or She Oak family and is a tall shrub or small tree with distinctive blue-grey foliage. In common with most She Oaks this species has persistent woody fruits. Although not well known in cultivation, Allocasuarina grampiana has great horticultural potential. The foliage colour is similar to that of the Blue Spruce. Allocasuarina grampiana could be grown as a substitute for this expensive and slow growing exotic. A clump of three would create an eye-catching feature in a lawn.
Allocasuarina grampiana is a rare species from the Grampianís National Park in central Victoria, hence the species name. The Grampianís National Park bulges at the seams with rare and interesting native plants.
The image is of a specimen growing in Canberraís National Botanic Gardens.
Propagate from seed and possible cuttings.