Maidenhair.JPG (66799 bytes)Adiantum species: are known collectively as Maidenhair Ferns and are members of the Adiantaceae family.

They are small to medium sized ferns. Adiantums have rhizomes that may either close to the surface or spread widely underground. Stems are black and shiny with divided fronds. Frond segments may be wedge or rhomboid shaped. The sori (spore receptacles) are on the segment margins and are crescent shaped.

There are about 200 species worldwide and nine Maidenhairs are native to Australia.

Maidenhair Ferns are usually found in moist situations but in cultivation many species have proved to be very durable and will cope with exposure to sunlight.

Adiantum species are one of the most commonly cultivated ferns and take enthusiastically to life in pots.

They respond positively to the occasional watering with dilute Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts).

Propagate from spores or rhizome division.