Actinostrobus.JPG (26073 bytes)Actinostrobus pyramidalis: We tend to think of the Conifers as inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, conifers are well represented in Australia with 47 endemic species. Worldwide there are at least 630 species. Included in the Conifer group is the Cuppressaceae family. The best-known Australian genus in this family is the Callitris with 17 endemic species. Callitris occur throughout Australia.
Actinostrobus is another genus in the family with only three species. They are natives of Western Australia. Actinostrobus pyramidalis is a dense small tree with typical pyramid-shaped growth habit (hence the species name). One common name is Swamp Cypress. The specimens, growing at Yallaroo are surviving and thriving in dry, well-drained situations. Another common name is King George’s Cypress. We do not know which King George. Foliage and cones are both features of the species. The photograph shows foliage and the triangular, coloured cones.    
Actinostrobus pyramidalis is a useful plant for shelterbelts and windbreaks. It could also be cultivated as a specimen tree. Two or three planted close together would create an interesting landscape feature.
Both Actinostrobus and native Callitris could be cultivated as substitutes for exotic Conifers. Native conifers have faster growth rates and are more drought resistant than their exotic cousins.
Propagate from seeds.