A.spectabilis.JPG (34174 bytes)Acacia spectabilis: is a member of the Mimosaceae family, known as the Mudgee Wattle and is popular in cultivation.

Acacia spectabilis is a tall, spindly shrub or small tree with arching branches. The bipinnate leaves have segments or pinnules in four to eight pairs. Each globular flower head contains from 20-35 golden yellow flowers. Flowering occurs from late winter to spring.

Acacia spectabilis is a very showy Wattle and would be at home in a native shrubbery or as a background specimen in a native garden bed.

The Mudgee Wattle occurs in the Central and North-western Slopes of New south Wales extending into southern Queensland.

Propagate from seed that should be treated with boiling water, before sowing, to soften the hard seed coat.