A.salicina.JPG (19649 bytes)Acacia salicina: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known as the Cooba or Native Willow. This latter name refers to the growth habit and the fact that the species grows along watercourses. Acacia salicina does not clog waterways as does its exotic namesake.

Acacia salicina is a tall shrub or small tree with pendulous branches. The phyllodes are up to 20 centimetres long by one centimetre wide. They vary in shape and may be straight, oblong or linear and pale green in colour.

Pale yellow flower heads are globular and the main flowering period is autumn and early winter. Flowers are often carried at other times.

Acacia salicina is found along watercourses mainly in inland areas. The Cooba is common over central and northern New South Wales, north-western Victoria, extending into Queensland and South Australia.

Cooba is useful in windbreaks because foliage is carried to ground level and may sucker, particularly if the roots are disturbed. The species is also useful in stabilising river banks.

Phyllodes may vary in shape and size not only between individual plants but also on the same specimen.

Propagate from seed and cuttings.