A._rubida.JPG (20045 bytes)Acacia rubida: Is known as the Red-stemmed wattle and may grow into a medium shrub or small tree. Acacia rubida occurs naturally on Yallaroo where it grows into a medium, upright shrub. We have some cultivated specimens (source unknown) that, after ten years, have developed into small trees. All Red-stemmed Wattles have straight or curved phyllodes up to 20 cm in length. There is a gland on the upper margin of the phyllodes, near the base. Most Acacia rubida (even mature plants) will carry some juvenile bipinnate leaves. Bright yellow flowers appear in spring.
Acacia rubida is a hardy, free flowering wattle that is at home in shrubberies and native hedgerows. In winter the leaves and stems often have a distinctive red colour. This wide spread species occurs in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.
Propagate from seed and perhaps cuttings.