Acacia_pubifolia.jpg (57791 bytes)Acacia pubifolia: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known as the Velvet Wattle. The common name refers to the soft, downy hairs that cover the phyllodes.

Acacia pubifolia is a small tree that may reach a height of eight metres.

The phyllodes are elliptic to obovate, softly hairy and leathery. They are about seven centimetres long by three centimetres wide.

Flower heads are rod-like, five centimetres long, golden yellow and carried in pairs at the base of the phyllodes. Flowering occurs from September to December.

Acacia pubifolia is a beautiful small tree and during the flowering season will light up both the bush and garden.

The Velvet Wattle is similar in appearance to Acacia diphylla and Acacia pycnostachya. These three Wattles flower at the same time. They could be alternated to create an eye-catching avenue.

Acacia pubifolia could also be grown as a “stand alone’ specimen or in shelterbelts and windbreaks.

Acacia pubifolia is found in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. In Queensland there are several populations whilst in New South Wales the species is only found in two widely separated areas about 150 kilometres apart.

Overall Acacia pubifolia is classified as vulnerable and in New South Wales is regarded as endangered.

This handsome Wattle needs to be brought into wider cultivation to ensure its long term survival.

Propagate from seed that should be soaked in boiling water before sowing. Cuttings have been successful.