A.pruinosa.JPG (44732 bytes)Acacia pruinosa: is known as the Frosty Wattle and is a native of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales .
Acacia pruinosa is said to be a tall shrub or small, open tree reaching a height of six metres. The plants we have observed, in the wild, rarely reach a height of three metres.
The foliage is bipinnate, greyish-blue with large, widely separated pinnules or leaflets.
The flower-heads contain 40-60 individual flowers, are golden in colour with a flowering period extending from August to October.
Acacia pruinosa is a very showy species when flowering. Growth habit and foliage are also attractive features. The species is drought resistant and tolerates frost.
As yet we do not have any Frosty Wattles in cultivation but the species grows naturally on rocky outcrops just to the north and east of Yallaroo on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.
Propagate from seed and possibly cuttings.