A.prominens.JPG (37367 bytes)Acacia prominens: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known the Gosford Wattle or Golden Rain Wattle. The former name is more appropriate because of the distribution of this species.
The Gosford Wattle is a dense, tall shrub or medium tree. Foliage is often retained to ground level. The phyllodes may be up to four centimetres long, blue-green with a conspicuous gland on the upper edge.
The flower heads are globular and borne in dense racemes near the ends of branchlets. They are sweetly scented, lemon-yellow and very conspicuous when they make an appearance in spring. The pods, that follow the flowers, are flat and sometimes have a slight pink or blue colouring.
Acacia prominens is confined to the Central Coast of new South Wales around the city of Gosford. The specimen featured in the photo is growing beside a street in Gosford.
Acacia prominens is considered to be rare because of its limited distribution.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.