A.pravissima.JPG (34780 bytes)Acacia pravissima: is known as the Oven’s Wattle. This name refers to one of its locations in Victoria . The Oven’s Wattle is also found in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory .
Acacia pravissima may be an open or dense, tall shrub or small tree. Its branches are often pendulous. The phyllodes are triangular with two or three conspicuous nerves. There is also a conspicuous gland on the margin of the phyllode.
Flower-heads are globular and carried in axillary racemes (simple unbranched inflorescences). Blooms are bright yellow and carried from late winter to early spring.
The Oven’s Wattle is well-known in cultivation and copes with drought and frost. The species prefers full sun or partial shade.
Acacia pravissima could be incorporated in shelterbelts and windbreaks. 
Over the last few years three prostrate forms, of the Oven’s Wattle, have appeared in nurseries.
“Bushwalk Baby”, “Golden Carpet” and “Kuranga Cascade” will all develop into colourful, dense, ground covers.
Propagate the “conventional” upright form from seed or cuttings. The prostate forms must be propagated from cuttings to ensure their prostrate growth habit.