A.parvipinulla.JPG (48231 bytes)Acacia parvipinnula: is known as the Silver-stemmed Wattle and is a member of the Myrtaceae family.
Acacia parvipinnula is a medium shrub or small tree. As the common name implies, the bark is smooth and silvery. The leaves are bipinnate and dark green. The flower heads are globular, carried in dense clusters, perfumed and light yellow. Flowering is sporadic and often occurs between September and October as well as April to July. The Silver-stemmed Wattle will sucker.
Acacia parvipinnula is widespread in central New South Wales from the Hunter Valley to Goulburn
We planted four Silver-stemmed Wattles about ten years ago. Since then, because of their suckering habit, we now have a grove of Silver-stemmed Wattle. Their light yellow flowers bring a spring feel to the garden when other wattles are resting.
Propagate from seed that should be soaked in boiling water before sowing.