A.oshanesii.JPG (40765 bytes)Acacia oshanesii: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known as the Silver Wattle or Feather Wattle. The former name is rather confusing as this is usually applied to Acacia dealbata.
Acacia oshanesii is a tall shrub or small tree that is said to reach a height of 12 metres. The bipinnate leaves are dark green. The flower heads are globular, pale yellow and carried in racemes at the base of the leaves. The flowering period is mainly late winter to spring with sporadic flowering at other times. Our specimen (see photo) carries blooms in late summer.
Acacia oshanesii occurs in coastal New South Wales and extends into southern Queensland . 
The species is said to be occasionally cut as a timber tree and is too large for home gardens. Our specimen is at least ten years old and is about six metres tall.
Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. We are attached to our Acacia oshanesii because it flowers out of season when most other Wattles have finished flowering.
Propagate from seed.