A.neer.JPG (24881 bytes)Acacia neriifolia: is known as the Oleander Wattle. This refers to the similarity of the phyllodes to the foliage of the exotic Oleander. Fortunately Acacia neriifolia does not have similar poisonous foliage. The species will develop into a tall shrub or small tree. The phyllodes are long and narrow. Young foliage has a bluish tinge. The globular flower heads are bright yellow and appear in spring. Acacia neriifolia occurs in Queensland and on the Northern Tablelands and Slopes of NSW. The Oleander Wattle is one of the seven wattles that are native to Yallaroo. Their numbers have increased since stock was removed from Yallaroo. The Yallaroo population and those on adjoining properties are the most easterly occurrence of the species.
Propagation is from seed and probably cuttings.