A.mearnsii.JPG (43815 bytes)Acacia mearnsii: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and together with many other species is known as Black Wattle.
Acacia mearnsii is a small to medium spreading tree with a single trunk. This colourful Wattle has bipinnate (ferny) foliage and is grey-green in colour. Flower-heads are globular, pale yellow and strongly scented. They are carried in dense racemes (simple, unbranched inflorescences). Flowering occurs from September to December.
Acacia mearnsii is found in southern Victoria , South Australia , Tasmania as well as the coast and tablelands of New South Wales .
The species is common on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales and in this area usually flowers in summer. At this time Acacia mearnsii lights up the roadsides throughout the Southern Highlands .
Victorian Aborigines used the gum, from this Wattle, to make spear bases. The wood was used for clubs, boomerangs and spears. The bark has high tannin content and was used for tanning leather. Bark, leaves, flowers and seed pods have been used for dyeing.
The species was named from a collection in Kenya in 1909. Acacia mearnsii seed had been exported even before the species gained a botanical name.
Propagate from seed.