Acacia_leptoclada.jpg (58815 bytes)Acacia leptoclada: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known as the Tingha Golden Wattle. Tingha is a village in northern New South Wales near Inverell and this are is one of the strongholds of this attractive wattle.

Acacia leptoclada is a small to medium spreading shrub that reaches a height of two metres. The foliage is bipinnate with small leaflets usually in three to five pairs. The flower heads are globular and held in axillary racemes. There are 30-45 flowers in each large globular cluster. They are bright yellow and cover the plants in spring. The pods are linear and hold a number of hard-coated seeds.

Prune after flowering to keep plants nice and tight.

This is a very attractive small wattle that would be a colourful addition to native shrubberies.

Propagate from seed or cuttings. Seed must be soaked in boiling water to soften the seed coat. We have found that Acacia leptoclada is one of the easiest wattles to propagate from cuttings. Many vigorous roots develop rapidly.