A.iteaphylla_plnt.JPG (27014 bytes)Acacia iteaphylla is known as the Flinders Ranges Wattle because it occurs in that area of South Australia. There are several forms of this attractive wattle. We have two growing at Yallaroo. The main image shows a tall form with pendulous foliage. We have another form, which is developing into a mounded ground cover. Flowering occurs in autumn and early winter. Acacia iteaphylla is one of those useful wattles that bring a touch of spring to the garden in the cooler months.
Brown bracts that fall off as the buds swell surround the developing flower buds. Flower bracts are an unusual feature in wattles. Only a few species come equipped with bracts. They are illustrated in the other image on the right.
Acacia iteaphylla has attractive foliage, bright flowers and has proved to be hardy and drought resistant. What more could we ask of a plant.