A.holosericea.JPG (47478 bytes)Acacia holosericea: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is a spreading shrub reaching a height of three metres with a spread of four metres. The phyllodes are large, ovate to lanceolate in shape and covered with white, silky hairs. Each phyllode has three to four prominent veins.
The flower-heads are rod-shaped; about three to six centimetres long, bright yellow and may appear between May and July.
The blooms are followed by masses of twisted, sticky pods. They may be rubbed on the hands to clean them. This characteristic has led to the common name of Soapbush. Pods are retained after the seed have fallen.
Acacia holosericea occurs in Queensland , Northern Territory and northern Western Australia . It is a spectacular foliage plant that appreciates regular tip pruning.
We have not grown Acacia holosericea at Yallaroo. Our cold and frosty climate may not suit this northern Wattle.
The species name means silky hair and refers to the covering on phyllodes and branches.
The photo was taken in the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden at Coffs Harbour .
Propagate from seed that must be soaked in boiling water before sowing. This will soften the hard testa (seed coat).