Acacia_cheelii.JPG (41579 bytes)Acacia cheelii: is a member of the Mimosaceae (Wattle) family. Australia is home to at least 1000 species of Acacia.
Acacia cheelii is commonly known as Motherumbah. The origin of this name is lost in the mists of time.
Acacia cheelii is a tall shrub or small tree with fibrous bark that is shed in thin strips. The phyllodes are curved and flat with a gland at the base. Flower heads are rod-shaped, bright yellow and appear in spring. Most Wattles have ball-shaped flower heads. Those with rod-shaped blooms are in the minority.
Motherumbah is an attractive plant. Flowering specimens are spectacular. The image shows a plant in the Pilliga Scrub. This species plus other wattles light up the Pilliga bushland throughout spring.
Acacia cheelii occurs in northern New South Wales .
Acacia cheelii would make a colourful addition to a shelter belt or wind break.
Propagation is from seed, which must be treated with boiling water before sowing to soften the seed coat. Cutting propagation may also be possible.