Acacia_caroleae.jpg (51187 bytes)Acacia caroleae:  is a member of the Mimosaceae (Wattle) family and is known as the Narrow-leaf Currawong.

Acacia caroleae is a tall, bushy shrub or small tree that may reach a height of six metres.

The thick, flat, linear phyllodes are about 20 centimetres long by five millimetres wide and curved to straight.

Bright yellow flowers are carried in dense spikes up to three centimetres long. They are presented in spring. Spikes are usually in pairs.

Acacia caroleae is found in northern New South Wales mainly in the Pilliga area with major populations occurring in south-eastern Queensland.

The Narrow-leaf Currawong is an attractive species particularly during the spring flowering period. In the Pilliga Scrub Acacia caroleae is found together with Acacia cheelii, another spring-flowering Wattle with flowers in spikes. It is unusual to found two rod-flowered Wattles in the same area. The majority of Acacias carry their flowers in ball-like heads.

Acacia caroleae appreciates pruning after the flowers fade. Cut of each branch behind the spent blooms. This encourages fresh growth and stops the plants becoming sparse and spindly.

Propagate from seed that should be treated with boiling water before sowing and cuttings.